Police nab burglar
Robert Glanton, suspected of robbing several Ahwatukee Foothills homes on Monday.

A quick thinking victim helped police to apprehend a professional burglar Monday morning.

Sgt. Bryant Rockwood said that it appeared 35-year-old Robert Glanton had entered a home near 34thPlace and Silverwood Drive and piled items from the home in the garage. He then was sitting in his car, probably preparing to backup and collect the booty, when the homeowner returned home.

 “She realized something wasn’t right” with the personal items piled in the garage said Rockwood. But instead of entering the home to see what was happening, she walked away and that's when she saw Glanton, sitting in his car.

 “She went to the neighbors and called police right away and put out a pretty good description of the vehicle,” said Rockwood.

Police were nearby and they quickly found and detained Glanton. In his vehicle they found a laptop that had been stolen from a nearby home.

“His story was that he admitted he was in the house, but he saw the errors of his way and was about to leave,” Rockwood said.

When police ran his records, they discovered that a felony warrant had been issued last week for Glanton on a parole violation stemming from two theft and a burglary conviction. He had been released from prison in January.

“He’s in a lot of trouble,” said Rockwood.

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