For outdoor enthusiasts, it’s always the right season to get outdoors. Whether you are mountain climbing, backpacking in the sun, or even headed to a snowy climate for some skiing, certain gear and tips can make it easier.

Skin protection

For most outdoor adventures you won’t be decked out in a bathing suit, but your exposed skin can still get burned and permanently damaged. In fact, if you will be mountain climbing or simply enjoying nature in a hilly terrain, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays becomes more important at high altitudes.

Be sure to pack a good quality sunscreen with a high SPF that protects against both UVA and UVB radiation and is water resistant. During breaks, don’t forget to re-apply — every two hours is a good guideline to follow.

Durable gear

It’s always a good idea to outfit yourself with the proper gear, when selecting a watch you should opt for something sensible and functional. A water and low temperature-resistant watch that not only tells time, but monitors nature’s elements, can keep you informed with useful information.

For example, the latest watch in the Pro Trek series, the PRW3000-1, uses atomic timekeeping technology and features Triple Sensor Technology, this means it has an altimeter, barometer and thermometer and a digital compass with bearing memory. And because it’s solar-powered, you can be eco-friendly on your outdoor excursions.

More information about durable, outdoor watches can be found at

Temperature control

Being active in the outdoors means that you can quickly go from being hot to being cold. These temperature swings can make you uncomfortable. But the right clothes can do away with this concern.

For your base layer, think moisture-wicking fabrics that are breathable. You may not be able to actually control the weather, but you can look into new gear designed to help you pretend that you can. From caps to adjustable foot warmers, you can stay cool — or warm up — as you go.

Before heading outdoors, take the time to properly outfit yourself.

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