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  • By Rachel Eroh, AFN Contributing Writer

Sara, 31, was a champion swimmer back in her home country of Iran. She swam three times a week and would go to competitions. Iran also had separate public pools for men and women, in keeping with Muslim sensibilities.

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The Federal Reserve’s recent increase in the key interest rate – and its promise to raise the rate twice more this year – is bad news for aspiring homeowners counting their pennies.

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  • By Shelley Ridenour, AFN Staff Writer

Researchers are working on two vaccines to prevent people and animals from catching valley fever, the debilitating illness caused by a fungus growing in the lungs.

  • By Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services

Saying it would send the wrong message, Republican lawmakers voted last week to kill legislation that would simply require them to review the $12 billion a year the state could potentially collect in sales taxes if all exemptions and exclusions were eliminated.

  • By Paul Maryniak, AFN Executive Editor
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Phoenix police say they still don’t know what led to the March 15 fatal shooting of an Ahwatukee marketing specialist by an ex-con who subsequently went on a 77-minute crime spree before he died after pointing a gun at police.

  • By Jim Walsh, AFN Staff Writer

Arizona’s minimum wage increase amounts to a “laboratory experiment for economists” that goes much further than a few more cents for a latte or even the crisis faced by providers of services to the developmentally disabled.


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