Desert flowers

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: When we imagine a desert, what do we first think of? Usually sand, heat, Gila monsters, and cacti. Right here in Ahwatukee, each spring, a magical beauty unfolds right before our eyes. We witness the brilliant colors of blue, red, and pink against the backdrop of rocks and cacti. The beauty is so breathtaking that my spirits are lifted as I walk through the neigborhood enjoying the abundance of Arizona wildflowers in frontyards. Neighbors, gentle souls, allow the blue, red, and pink desert plants to mesmerize the onlooker. Thanks to the kind souls who invite us to enjoy nature's canvas in their front yards prior to the onset of the harsh summer months. Months awaiting us with trist, gray, and brown colors. Respectfully yours, Dr. Petra Schmid-Riggins

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