The best thing about most of the world becoming completely dependent on electronics is that some very good products can be had relatively cheap.

It won’t be top of the line, of course, but by today’s standards even the knockoffs are quality electronics and make for wonderful holiday gifts.

The top deals become even better this time of the year when Black Fridays and 24-hour sales knock even more off the list price.

The hot items are hard to keep on the shelves (even those cyber shelves at places like but it doesn’t mean you can’t give it a try.

Here are some of the top electronics for this holiday season:

• Slingbox. This item has been on the market for years but is seeing a resurgence mainly because America cannot get enough of TV. This gadget allows you to watch your own TV, including your DVR’d shows, from your laptop, tablet and smartphone.

• Roku XDS Streaming Player. Similarly this gadget allow families to watch movies on their TV via Internet connection using website like Netflix and Amazon.

• Boogie Board Writing Tablet. This item is a chalkboard on the run that can be a teaching tool while waiting at a restaurant with kids, a memo taker with a myriad of other functions.

• Sensor Parking Alert. Have an older car and jealous of the new ones that come equipped with sensor that lets you know that your car is getting close to another? Well, now you can skip buying a new car and just get the sensor made by Ultrasonic.

• Grocery List Organizer. This one is a holdover from last year’s list and goes hand-in-hand with the trend of having coupon parties where people get together and trade coupons (I’ll give you two diaper coupons for a Bertolli’s frozen meals). The SmartShopper product has come down in price since last year and will still make that well-organized (don’t say anal or obsessive compulsive disorder as I speak from experience) person in your life happy.

• Dragon NaturallySpeaking. For those in your life who have to do a lot of writing (uh, hello) or transcribing (still here) in their daily lives. This speech recognition program makes life a whole lot easier and takes away all of that nasty typing. Look at it this way, buy the software now and reduce the risk of carpal tunnel surgery later.


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