The Friendship Community Church of Ahwatukee will be hosting its second Thanksgiving Day Dinner for individuals without family during the holiday.

Church member Anita Cook said the idea for the dinner was brought about by her daughter trying to give back to the community, while reaching out to others.

During the church’s first Thanksgiving Day Dinner about 50 individuals were present, and Cook and her fellow members are looking to triple the number by having 150 served this year.

Leftovers from the dinner will be taken to the Charles Trumbell Hayden House in Tempe, to be given to other people in need.

“We wanted to make sure and just let everyone know that we are having this dinner at our church, so if there is anyone that doesn’t have families in town for the holidays they can come and eat,” Cook said. “We’re trying to just show the same love to the community that God shows us every day.”

Food will be provided by members of the church who are given different items to be brought for the dinner such as stuffing, turkey, pies, mashed potatoes, etc.

Cook said volunteers prepare the food during their Thanksgiving cooking, and bring it to the church the day of the dinner.

During the dinner, the church will also host a clothing donation drive for Hayden’s House.

Cook believes the dinner is a way to bring people together who don’t have family in the area and be able to enjoy their Thanksgiving more, and provides the opportunity to participate in sharing by bringing in clothing donations.

“It gives the people in church a lot of joy to have a way to share with other people,” she said. “It’s just a joy to have a way to give.”

The dinner will occur on Thursday, Nov. 28 from noon to 2 p.m. at Friendship Community Church of Ahwatukee, 9807 S. 48th St.

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