There's no doubt that sales are booming around this time of year.

Shopping for gifts may not always be so simple, but if you have a special fashionista on your list, abiding by this season's trends can help.

Shonia Fisher said capes and ponchos are a big thing right now and are also big sellers in her boutique, The Boutique in the Signature Salon, 3936 E. Chandler Blvd., in Ahwatukee.

She became the owner only two months ago, but has been doing hair at the salon for two years.

"In Arizona we have the ability to layer," she said. These outerwear pieces can be the perfect touch of warmth to any outfit. Plus, they can be worn in a few different ways, like belted or with a scarf.

If you don't want to worry about sizes of clothes for your stylish subject, a purse can be the next best thing.

"Keep it simple with a stylish, inexpensive bag," said Heather Cisek, owner of the Purple Skirt, 4025 E. Chandler Blvd.

Seven years ago, Cisek opened the Ahwatukee boutique "for the love of fashion" and to cater to women who enjoy individual shopping attention.

A Big Buddha purse, a particular brand that Purple Skirt carries, is great because most of them are under $100, she said.

While clothing and purses are always a good way to go for gifts, accessories seem to have gained a new spotlight this season.

Queen Bees Accessories,, founders and owners Christine Williams and Lori Pavlina, say that for them, jewelry should "feel good, look good, and be affordable."

The duo started their business about a year ago after the economy worsened and they realized there wasn't anything local offering "good quality for a good price."

Their pieces, which they order from vendors from around the nation, range from $8 to $50, and there's something for all ages.

They recommend a simple ring for about $18 because statement rings are really big right now, Williams said.

Another popular accessory is a bracelet wrap. You can find them studded with "a little bit of bling" or inscribed with a positive saying.

Anything chocolate-colored, like a beaded bracelet, is also a good choice, according to the duo. It can be layered with any other metals, and it adds an interesting pop.

Speaking of metals, Williams, Pavloni, Cisek and Fisher all agree that while the weather is getting chillier, rose gold is definitely what's "hot" right now.

Recently, a lot of jewelry has incorporated this funky twist on the classic metal. It has a slightly pink hue that looks great with just about anything - even silver.

"Mixing metal used to be a faux pas," Williams said. So, don't worry about breaking any fashion rules when searching for the perfect gift.

The possibilities for finding that perfect fashionable gift are practically endless, considering all of the winter trends.

Who knows, you just might find something special for yourself.

For more information, contact The Boutique at (480) 704-1400, Purple Skirt at (480) 785-1811, and Queen Bees Accessories at (602) 549-3577.

•Ashley Haines is interning this semester for the Ahwatukee Foothills News. She is a sophomore at Arizona State University.

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