I always get excited for the holiday season, it’s my favorite time of year. It inspires me to refresh my home with holiday sparkle. This magical transformation can be done easily, quickly and inexpensively.

Along with our traditional Christmas tree, which is embellished with all our family treasured ornaments, I love to spread the joy throughout our home, making sure every room has a bit of holiday happiness in it.

I always start holiday décor with a theme. There are years where it just may be a color, other years I may have found something special that inspires the magic, whichever it is that you decide on, search your home for items you have collected and stored over the years. You will be amazed with what you find.

After you decide on your theme, choose five areas in your home that you know your family will enjoy the holiday happiness the most and begin your magical transformation.

This year my theme is silver. I found 24 old silver Christmas ornaments at a garage sale this summer for $1. They are not perfect, but I find them quite beautiful. I went through my home and gathered everything I own which is silver, including candlesticks, a couple mirrors, a few mercury glass balls, and I am inspired. After a trip to a couple craft stores and my favorite dollar store, I have collected silver candles, silver holiday foliage picks, silver ribbon, silver tulle, a can of silver spray paint and silver hand towels.

I always start with my front door and entry. I have used the same wreath for years, but embellish it differently every season. Some silver tulle and silver balls and my fall wreath now has a new look. Silver holiday foliage picks are placed in all my entry plants, adding the holiday sparkle.

My dining room is next, starting with a large silver mirror in the center of my table, I place silver candlesticks of all shapes and sizes on it, scattering some of my beautiful old silver ornaments around. Add a bit of silver holly and my table is complete. Continuing in my dining room, I spray paint an old green wreath a sparkling silver color, attach it to my mirror over the buffet, hang a few more of my beautiful old silver ornaments down the center with silver ribbon and my dining room is complete.

Next is my kitchen, where my island is quickly transformed. I empty my three glass canisters and fill them with silver ornaments from the local dollar store. Two large silver candles sitting on a round silver mirror and I have continued the magic.

Our family room, which is where we spend most of our time together, has very limited space for bringing in the holiday décor. I empty half of my treasures from the bookcase and add in silver pieces I collected from around my home, mercury balls, six old books I spray paint silver and three old silver finials. The finishing touch is an old silver pillow I found in a closet placed on the sofa. It looks beautiful.

Never forget the powder room. I hang my beautiful silver ornaments down the sides of my towel bar, layering them in different lengths; adding a silver candle and silver hand towels on the counter. The room is ready for my guests.

This entire magical transformation, which has spread holiday happiness throughout my home, took about four hours and cost just under $50. Be creative, have fun and enjoy this wonderful season. Happy Holidays!


Dina Pratt, owner of Illustra Interiors, has been an interior designer in Ahwatukee Foothills for more than 20 years. Reach her at (602) 697-9917 or Illustra@live.com.

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