Gastro Band Hypnosis
Client Camber Dugger is in a stage of complete relaxation as Sandi Graves begins the performance of hypnosis on her. Kimberly Haug/Special to AFN

An Ahwatukee Foothills hypnosis clinic has developed a program similar to The Gastro Mind Band to help residents in their battle with the bulge.

Sandi Graves and Don Rice, both certified hypnotists with more than 30 years of combined experience, have designed the Gastro Band Hypnosis, a tool for individuals wanting to lose 40-plus pounds.

"Before beginning the program with the individual, we make sure that they are able to be hypnotised with no struggle," Graves said.

The program consists of six sessions that are an hour long. Throughout each session they evaluate eating behaviors and make note of any emotional eating triggers a client may have.

As the first session begins, the hypnotists make it easy to alter eating habits by channeling the power of the mind.

"We created a hypnosis method where we allow the client to mentally place a ‘Virtual Gastric Band' around his or her stomach by taping into the subcontious mind," Rice explained, adding that while the band is 100 percent virtual, the individual's mind is persuaded that it is real.

"Whatever our subconscious mind imagines to be true, becomes true." Rice said. For that reason, he noted that weight loss is impossible without affecting change at the subconcious level.

When the mind is convinced that the stomach is smaller, it reduces the amount of calories that are consumed while still leaving the body fully satisfied, making weight loss occur naturally, Rice added.

"This method is not only safe, it is also drug free, painless, does not involve surgery, requires no dieting, and is affordable," Graves said.

The program was originally considered when one of their clients, who received a band surgically placed around her stomach, came to them for assistance about having negative effects and no weight loss. Both Graves and Rice were able to get rid of several of the issues she was having using hypnotherapy. After viewing their client first hand and coming to the realization that no one should have to go through what that client did, the duo spent much of their time working to come up with a hypnosis method that could have similar results, all without surgery and the negative effects.

Graves and Rice are finishing a trial study and said that so far 100 percent of their subjects are losing weight and 72 percent have experienced significant weight loss.

"The average client in our trial study is losing 3.5 pounds a week," Rice said, adding that the program has given the world a whole new outlook on weight loss success.

To learn more about Gastro Band Hypnosis, visit, or visit Graves and Rice in person at Natural Healthcare Specialties, 13203 S. 48th St.

Kimberly Haug is interning this semester for the Ahwatukee Foothills News. She is a senior at Arizona State University.

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