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What are prominent ears?

Some children are born with ears that face forward and seem to stick out more than others. This is caused by an incomplete folding of the cartilage of the ear during development.

Why do people have the surgery done?

Kids and even adults can get teased when they have prominent ears. This causes them to feel self-conscious and can affect their self-esteem. Surgery can reposition the ears so that they are not a distraction.

What do you do to correct it?

Surgery can help reshape the ears so that they look normal. This is usually done at approximately age five or six since the ears are nearly fully grown by then. It is also an age where children start receiving more attention from other children which may result in teasing.

Does this surgery affect the hearing?

No. Hearing is principally a function of the middle and inner ear. Surgery for prominent ears will not affect hearing.

How is the surgery done?

Surgery is done with an incision on the backside of the ear. The cartilage is folded with a sutures (surgical stitch) and often a small amount of skin is removed on the back of the ear.

What is recovery like?

The patient wears a bandage for one week and wears a stocking cap at a night for a month. The ears are sore after surgery but the pain is controlled with prescription pain medication.

Does insurance cover this?

Insurance may or may not cover it. It is a birth defect. Some insurance companies see it as reconstructive surgery while others see it as cosmetic surgery.

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