Dr. John Boardman is the director of Ahwatukee Spinal Aid Center. In December Boardman added the Zero Gravity decompression table to his facility, hoping to provide a non-surgical option for patients with severe back pain.

Dr. John Boardman of Ahwatukee Spinal Aid Center recently added a revolutionary non-surgical spinal decompression therapy table to his facility, trying to provide new hope to patients convinced medication and surgery are their only options. The Zero Gravity decompression table is the only one of its kind in the entire state, but Boardman said his main purpose is not to focus on that, but to simply help as many people as possible in the community who have low back pain avoid medication and surgery. "I've had several patients who progressed but reached a plateau and I had to refer them to somewhere else," Boardman said. "They've come back and said decompression really worked." The new technology allows the patient to relax in a comfortable position while lying on the decompression table. In fact, unlike most tables, Zero Gravity does not require the patient to brace themselves with their arms or hands during the procedure. "The patient doesn't have to assist in any way, which makes it different than other technology out there," Boardman said. Zero Gravity's decompression technology relieves pressure caused by disc herniation, disc bulge, sciatica, spondylolisthesis, degeneration and facet arthrosis syndrome by creating a vacuum-type suction, which reverses high pressure inside the disk and draws the bulging or herniated material back into the disk. A typical treatment program, Boardman said, is four to six weeks long. Patients make several 30-minute visits to the clinic each week. Boardman also provides proper strengthening routines to prevent future injury. "We are really excited about bringing this revolutionary treatment to the community," Boardman said. "There are currently over 150 centers in the country, but we are the first to serve Ahwatukee and the East Valley." For more information about decompression, visit www.spinalaid.com or call (480) 704-0312. Ahwatukee Spinal Aid Center is located at 4232 E. Chandler Blvd., Suite 20.

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