The desire to look good isn't a trait for just the 20- to 29-year-old set, according to trainer Doug Thompson. "It's across the board, I think," said Thompson, who helps clients of all ages stay in shape at The Body Firm, 4405 E. Ray Road. "All people are mostly interested in is looking good. We try to keep their No. 1 concern on their health, but the two things do go hand-in-hand." The uphill battle for the 30-something set is coming to grips with the fact that they just aren't in their 20s any longer. "As people get into their 30s they start being more sedentary, their metabolisms start slowing down and they start to 'feel their age,'" Thompson said. Trying to start a successful health regimen in the 30s is a little harder than starting one in the 20s, but Thompson thinks personal trainers can make things considerably easier simply by keeping the health-conscious focused. "It's all about being consistent and keeping to a schedule," Thompson said. "That's where you'll see the most success. With everyone being so busy it can get put on the back-burner. Then days go by, weeks go by... I think it's why a lot of people have personal trainers, so they have that appointment." Keeping to a consistent schedule is important for 30-somethings, who are at a physical disadvantage from their 20s by design. A 1988 University of Pennsylvania study showed that the body slows its metabolic rate by as much as 5 percent by age 35. Additionally, less protein is broken down by the body and synthesized, resulting in a loss of muscle cells and muscles mass. As with all workout plans, personalization for 30-plus people is key. "It's all based on what their goals are," Thompson said. "It consists of strength training, flexibility and a lot of core work. All of our programs start with 'prehabilitation' screenings, to prevent injuries and deal with current injuries a client might have." Prehabilitation is especially important for aging exercisers. By age 35 the body's production of fibroblasts, the cells that build cartilage and connective tissue in humans, decreases by 10 percent, reducing motion range and increasing the likelihood of soreness or injury (this makes warming up an absolute necessity for those over 30). The Body Firm can be contacted at (480) 705-9801 or by visiting">

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