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When should I get a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck helps correct the stretching of abdominal tissues that occur as the result of pregnancy. Not only does the skin stretch out, but also the sheath that surrounds the muscles. Since it doesn't spring back, you lose the firmness of your belly. It is usually necessary to only have the procedure done once and it should occur after your final pregnancy. The procedure will make your clothes fit better and you’ll get your flat tummy back.

Is this a good procedure for overweight people?

It isn't a good procedure to treat obesity. It is best have a BMI below 30 when you get a tummy tuck. But it is a great procedure after weight loss!

Will insurance pay for it?

Insurance may pay for only the removal of extra skin if the skin is hanging low and causing a rash. However, insurance will not pay for most of the tummy tuck, which includes tightening of the muscle sheath that really helps flatten the stomach.

How long is the operation?

The actual operation is about two hours long. It is done under general anesthesia so there is no pain during the operation.

What’s recovery like?

Patients often go home the same day or in some cases may stay overnight. Patients may experience some numbness of the skin just above the scar, which falls within the bikini line. Most people take pain pills for about a week after the procedure.

You are restricted from housework or driving for two weeks. At four weeks you can engage in light exercise and after eight weeks you can engage in vigorous exercise.

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