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When flowers are in bloom we automatically think of the sun shining down on a warm, bright day.

But even in nature, not everything is what you think. There is a group of flowers known as “night bloomers.”

Rarely talked about, and rarely seen unless you are a botany enthusiast, these moon blossoms have adapted out of survival instinct to opening themselves up at night.

It seems that they prefer to be pollinated by moths and bats. They don’t want to deal with the scorching sun or evaporation process most evident during the daytime heating.

It is said that the most beautiful flowers in the world will choose to bloom at night. Then, like clockwork, at the dawning of a new day they close back up.

These groups of night-blooming flowers are wired differently than the rest of the bunch.

The majority of flower sniffers will not even be aware that they exist. There are those who remain watchful, waiting for them to make their fragrant appearance.

It has been over 40 years that I have taught over 11,000 students for the sake of making them productive students to our society and having them contribute to making our world a better and safe place.

Today, out of those thousands of students, there are a few who have come back say, “I too want to make a difference in the world as you have in mine.”

I can only look and smile and knowing that less than one percent of the many I have taught.

They, too, are wired differently and are to be “night bloomers.”

They will be the select few giving in the darkness, while so many others will be getting notice in the brightness of the day.

-Rick Savagian is the founder of Mountainside Martial Arts Center, 3173 E. Chandler Blvd., Ahwatukee. Reach him at 480-759-4540 or mountainsidemartialarts.com

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