Dear Claudia:

This summer my family vacationed in a resort in California. It was a great escape from the heat but I was reluctant to come home not only because of the fun we had and the pleasant weather, but also because we all slept so soundly in the well appointed beds.

Is there a way to get that same comfort in our beds at home without paying resort prices?



How fortunate that you got to escape from the Arizona heat. Yes, there is nothing better than sleeping in a very comfortable bed. I am sure you can find quality linens at a discounted price. Good quality products will last a long time with the proper care, making them a great investment. It is important to shop carefully and know what to look for.

I like my bed to be very soft so I prefer all cotton sheets made of single, not plied yarns and 100 percent down pillows. Quality sheets wear well and will get even softer the more they are used. Always begin with a mattress cover to protect your mattress and add a layer of comfort. Choosing the proper pillow is important since the pillow supports your head and neck, which keeps your spine aligned. There are many varieties of filling and softness or firmness and your choice depends upon your particular sleep habits.

A featherbed provides another layer of softness while supporting your pressure points for a more restful sleep. Top your bed with a fluffy down comforter and you may change the decorative duvet cover according to the season and choose a color and fabric to compliment your bedrooms décor.


Dear Claudia:

I’ve always had a television in my bedroom. I know it is probably not a good idea, but I’m used to watching it a little before going to sleep every night. Do you think that televisions should be part of the décor in a room?




The bedroom should be a private retreat where we can relax and rejuvenate. Televisions should not be part of the bedroom décor unless, for example, is discreetly placed in an armoire or otherwise kept from being a focal point in the room.

A television in a bedroom is usually a distraction that robs us from the time that we should take for ourselves. Your room should have a comfortable bed, serene colors, pleasant fragrance, and be clean and orderly. Furthermore, the window coverings should block out as much light as possible to allow a full night’s sleep. Block out or turn away the tiny lights that are constantly on, such as power to the television and even your alarm clock, as those lights may interfere with your sleep.

Treat your bedroom as a sanctuary where you can escape the demands of daily life and be totally relaxed and comfortable.


Claudia Dabdoub is a resident of Ahwatukee Foothills and owner of D’amore Interior Design Studio. To ask a question for an upcoming column, reach her at (480) 751-9938 or

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