Dear Claudia:

With the new year I am thinking of all the things I would like to remodel or fix in my house.

Am I the only one? Where should I start?



Happy New Year. Yes, we all would love to start with a freshly-decorated house that has everything we have ever desired. The reality is that we need to remodel or fix things that are broken or outdated in our homes on a regular basis. When we procrastinate or ignore these issues we are not getting the maximum enjoyment out of our homes.

There are three categories to maintaining a house: keeping it organized and away from clutter; getting all repairs done when necessary; and updating the structure of the house, which in most cases is a major remodel and investment such as the flooring, cabinetry, countertops and plumbing.

Take into consideration that any investment made in remodeling your property most likely is going to improve its market value. Let’s make this new year a memorable one and let’s not procrastinate in improving the homes we live in and enjoy them to the fullest.


Dear Claudia:

My daughter is 14 and at the beginning of the year we changed some of the bedroom décor and now she wants to change it again. I am thinking this is not going to be the last time.

What should I do?



My daughter is the same age and she would love for me to change her bedroom décor often. I have just bought her a new window treatment, and now she is thinking that she would like to decorate her bedroom in black and white. I actually like the idea; I believe it’s a look that she could have for a while, maybe until she is done with high school.

Since some teenagers get very particular about their bedroom décor I believe it is a great idea to encourage them to express themselves, of course within limits. When choosing the décor; first consider if your budget, style (theme), color scheme, furniture and accessories. Do not forget the lighting, flooring and the window coverings/shades. Certainly if your budget is limited it’s always wise to buy quality furniture that is going to last for a while.

If you have good quality furniture, it is less expensive to replace the accessories if you decide to change the décor. Redecorating the room with your child can be a fun project that they will be proud of and want to keep for several years.


Claudia Dabdoub is a resident of Ahwatukee Foothills and owner of D’amore Interior Design Studio. To ask a question for an upcoming column, reach her at (480) 751-9938 or

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