Dear Claudia:

I would like to surprise my wife and finally remodel our kitchen. Since we moved to our house we have been postponing it for one thing or another. I would like it to be the family gift this year. Is there still time before Christmas?



What a great gift to your family and investment in your home. Yes, there is still time. It just depends where you buy the kitchen and how long the manufacturer is going to take to make it and deliver it. Also there are a few things to consider, such as the time to design and order the kitchen, as well as the time frame of how project is going to be executed.

To start designing a kitchen the designer needs to know what is going to be replaced and if any walls are to be removed. The next step is to have all the information about the products that are going to be used to start designing the kitchen. As the products and drawings of the new kitchen are approved then a time frame is prepared and products ordered.

To ensure the kitchen is completed before Christmas it is imperative that products are going to be delivered on schedule and that the contractors will follow through in executing the project as per schedule. This is a gift to your family that you are going to enjoy for years to come and a great investment in your home.


Dear Claudia:

My two kids are coming home from college for the holidays and I would like to make our home very welcoming. I am sure that even my kids are expecting to see some of the holiday decorations that we already have, however, how can I give a different touch to my décor this year?



How exciting that your kids are coming to visit. I suggest that you start by not using some of the décor that does not have at least a sentimental value and replace it with new ones that will accent what you already have.

For example, use a color scheme or theme from your favorite pieces as the starting point and build your new décor around that. Add new holiday pieces that will update the look and give it a personal touch. There are few places here in Ahwatukee that have a great selection. Do not forget natural flower arrangements and that lighting can create ambience and add greatly to your décor.


Claudia Dabdoub is a resident of Ahwatukee Foothills and owner of D’amore Interior Design Studio. To ask a question for an upcoming column, reach her at (480) 751-9938 or

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