A new television show debuted last week, with a cast that includes 10 residents from Ahwatukee Foothills.

The 30-minute program, called Mom Time TV, is on AZTV 7, Cable 13, at 11 a.m. Monday through Friday.

The full cast includes about 40 moms, but each show features six moms, who discuss questions and challenges mothers face everyday.

“Originally I was thinking 20 moms would do it, but I think having a variety of moms makes the show more interesting,” said Ahwatukee Foothills resident Sharon Girodo, founder of Mom Time TV.

She came up with the idea for Mom Time TV about four years ago when she thought about how discussing motherhood with her friends made raising her five children much easier.

“All of a sudden it just dawned on me that it would be nice if we could put this on TV and let other people see how moms work and how we learn from each other,” Girodo said.

Many of the moms got involved through “word of mouth,” said Carly Klessens, a member of the cast and mother of two kids.

“I was really surprised when Sharon talked about the idea of it,” said Maggie Barduson, cast member and mother of five kids. “I thought about it and there really isn’t a mom show out there.”

Girodo and three other moms first tested the show out in her living room, and after a lengthy process, Mom Time TV signed a 13-week commitment with AZTV, which will result in 65 shows.

Girodo expects to be able to renew the show once the 13 weeks are up.

“I think we’ll have good response,” she said. “So far the response has been great.”

With a large variety of moms on the show there are unlimited topics to cover, ranging from vacationing with children to dealing with tattoos and piercings.

“The topics just snowball,” Girodo said.

Conversations on the show are unscripted and there is no host to prompt the moms.

“What’s great about the show is that it’s real moms and what we actually go through,” Barduson said.

Being on television for the first time could be intimidating, but Girodo thinks the moms have adjusted well.

“The moms have been really good with the cameras,” she said. “Once they get going, they don’t really watch the cameras.”

“It feels like it’s just us,” Barduson added.

Even though they stray off topic at times, Girodo said she finds it interesting to see where the conversation goes.

“I’ve got to watch a lot of shows and it is so amazing to watch these women talk,” she said. “I’ve gotten some learning out of every single show.”

Mom Time TV encourages its audience to get involved with the show through its Web site, which offers blogs, uncut episodes, and a way for moms to share their own stories about motherhood.

“I think the more we push the Web site, it can be a very interactive thing,” Barduson said.

For more information or to share your story, visit www.momtimetv.com.


Christina O’Haver is interning this summer for the Ahwatukee Foothills News. She is a sophomore at Arizona State University.

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