Comedy: AF comedian to perform at Dodge Theatre
Foothills resident George Kanter has been a comedian for decades. On Saturday, he is scheduled as an opening act at the Dodge Theatre in downtown Phoenix.

Ahwatukee Foothills has its fair share of funny people, but they don’t all make a living out of their humor like George Kanter, who will open up for nationally-known comedian Frank Caliendo this Saturday at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix.

Kanter has lived in Ahwatukee Foothills since 1987, although he has spent much of that time touring around the country, sharing his talent for stand-up comedy.

“My comedy is observational humor, or things that you see in everyday life,” Kanter said. “It’s a big deal that I get to perform at home in a big venue.”

Throughout his career as a comedian, Kanter has done comedy shows on A&E, Comedy Central and Showtime networks. He has also performed with Dana Carvey, Dennis Miller, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld.

Frank Caliendo, who will be headlining the show at the Dodge Theatre, is known for his work on Fox’s show MADtv and FOX NFL Sunday. As an impressionist, some of his impersonations include NFL commentator John Madden, presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, as well as Charles Barkley, Jay Leno and Dr. Phil McGraw.

Kanter met Caliendo when he was on the road performing.

“Years ago I was working on the road and Caliendo was traveling through, and he needed a guest spot in Columbus, Ohio,” Kanter said.

Caliendo currently lives in Phoenix, and he has performed along with Kanter in the Phoenix area several times.

“Frank and I have been at Tempe Improv the past few years for New Year’s Eve,” Kanter said. “We decided not to perform there this year, so it’s nice that we’re performing at the Dodge Theatre.”

This performance may be one of the last times Phoenix audiences are able to see Caliendo perform locally, as he has recently committed to perform in Las Vegas for the next 10 years.

“Frank has been a main staple performing in Phoenix for years, but now that he has signed a 10-year contract to perform at the Monte Carlo in Vegas, he won’t be back for awhile,” Kanter said.

Although Kanter has not always enjoyed having to spend time in airports to travel to various performing venues he is continually drawn to the chance to perform in front of live audiences.

“It’s almost kind of like a drug when you’re the only one on stage,” he said. “To have thousands of people come out with an emotion after something you said is a great feeling.”

Caliendo and Kanter will be at the Dodge Theatre this Saturday, Oct. 10, at 8:30 p.m. The Dodge Theatre is located at 400 W. Washington St. in Phoenix. For tickets, visit or call (602) 379-2800.

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