I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks... you know, that side of the tracks where you work a day job, then work another job at night just to survive.

In my father’s case, his night job was creating his own business, repairing radios in the basement of our house (Yes, Virginia, once upon a time there was NO television).

So, with my wrong-side-of-the-tracks background, I’m a bit confused... I really have no idea what a community organizer does. But the more I observe their leftist-bias commentaries I have to conclude that they are what my parents would have called “Rabble Rousers.”

And then we have Mike McClellan, in another of his fact-free commentaries (“We have a crucial choice ahead of us next month,” AFN, Oct. 10), opining that we should re-elect Obama, and saying, “And he (Obama) could’ve done more to stimulate the economy, understanding that Republicans fought him all along the way as it was.” Never mind that Obama, in the first two years of his reign, had a strongly Democrat-Party-controlled Congress AND the Senate (still).

But, hey, if you want to re-elect Obama, do it. If you want to fight Big Bird and Elmo for electricity, gasoline and food, go ahead. You deserve to learn your lessons the hard way.

Speaking of lessons... don’t you think it’s about time you took note of the utter waste in our “educational” system? You are a bit of a fool if you think voting even more money via bonds and budget over-rides will improve our ridiculous education ranking. But maybe you will anyway, ignorance equates to gullibility.

And you’ll really like the resulting depression. Enjoy!

Jim Thompson

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