Kyrene Candidates Debate

Ross Robb during the Kyrene School District Governing Board candidates debate on Monday, Oct. 1, 2012.

[David Jolkovski/AFN]

Age: 57

City: Tempe

Campaign info:

Why are you running for the Kyrene School board?

I had somewhat made up my mind that I wasn’t going to run. I have this belief that at some point, whether on school board or any volunteer position, you’ve made your contribution and everybody’s heard your beliefs. But, I decided to run again because I think that I have certain skills that are pretty important: analytical skills, leadership skills, finance and accounting skills that are really going to be needed over the next couple of years depending how certain things go budget-wise in the state. I just have a philosophy about public service: to give back. I’ve been lucky in a lot of ways.


What do you believe are the most prominent issues in the near future?

In Kyrene, the two very significant issues are the outcome of Prop. 204 and related fiscal issues involving bonding capacity, which is a legislative issue. The other long-term issue will continue to be enrollment.

Every year, we incrementally become more reliant on out-of-boundary students to come to Kyrene. At some point, that paradigm may change. At some point in time, we have to have a strategy in place for if the day comes that we are not as successful in attracting those out-of-boundary students. They are important fiscally but also because Kyrene has great education and we want to offer it to all kids who want it.


If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?



How does this word play in to how you would act as a governing board member?

I believe balance means smart, funny and easy to be around. It means you’ve got to be smart enough, you can’t take yourself too seriously, and people need to like to be around you. And that’s what balance is all about. I try to be those things.

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