Janie Hydrick

Why are you running for office?

Our community deserves to have a state senator who will reflect its values and advocate for its best interests in education, economy, job creation, and health care. People in our legislative district are frustrated with the antics of our current Legislature and want their concerns to be placed above partisan gridlock and an extremist agenda. Legislation such as the following does not reflect the values of our community: education cuts that are the deepest in the country; guns on campus and in public buildings; cutting access to preventative health care and cancer screenings for working adults; sweeping the Homeowners’ Mortgage Relief Fund to build private prisons; cutting KidsCare funding, thus eliminating health care for 105,000 kids; and defunding early childhood education when 90 percent of brain development occurs before kindergarten age. The values of our community would not have been reflected in that legislation at any time, but the voters of our community now have the opportunity to elect a moderate Legislature that will pass common-sense legislation.

What issue will be your biggest priority if/when elected?

A priority for our Legislature should be education-driven economic development. Here are four reasons why this is important or our community and our state. First, businesses that recognize and require a quality workforce will be attracted to Arizona if we have great schools whose students are successful and globally competitive with 21st century skills for jobs that don’t even exist today. Second, quality education results in higher lifetime earnings and lower unemployment rates, even in the deepest recession. Education levels the playing field for economic opportunity, and everyone deserves a shot at the American Dream. Third, investment in education yields a greater net positive impact on economic growth than any other type of investment, including tax cuts. For example, a 2 percent investment in education yields an average of 3,900 new jobs and $92 million in personal income. Fourth, classrooms in our community provide students with tools for the future — thinking skills — and serve as incubators for American creativity, innovation, and ingenuity.

What are your qualifications for this office?

I’ve been a member of this community for 35 years, an educator for 45 years, and I share the values we have as a community regarding education, the economy, jobs, and health care. We have great schools in our legislative district, and I will not vote to compromise the quality of those schools, elementary through college level. The economy in our community is still fragile, yet our working families are optimistic about an Arizona future that has robust, sustainable economic development. To that end, I will support local businesses, schools, and infrastructure projects that put the money that is invested in them back into the local community through local labor and purchase of local materials. I will support legislation that invests in our community through access to quality health care. I am uniquely qualified to design education-driven economic development that would move Arizona forward and reflect the values of our community, not those of out-of-state interests or political extremists.

Hydrick is a Chandler resident. For more information, visit Hydrickforaz.com.

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