Why are you running for office?

I am running because our Congress no longer represents ordinary families. Right now, families are struggling all across our country and Congress would rather fight over rigid partisan positions than help the people they represent. The fighting has gotten so bad that our nation’s Legislature has stalemated on the very basic tasks that they were elected to complete — like producing the budget. This leaves our families in a lurch while our economy remains sluggish. This shows that Congress has forgotten how to listen. If we’re going to change Congress, then we have to start by changing the people that we send there.

What issue will be your biggest priority if/when elected?

Jobs and the economy. When I talk to folks in our district this is the No. 1 concern among them. Those who don’t have jobs are working to find one and those who have jobs are worried about keeping them.

This is why I produced a 12-point Arizona jobs plan. I believe that Congress has a role in strengthening the middle class so that families have more purchasing power. We should help the innovators, entrepreneurs and the small businesses in our own backyards — because so many new jobs come from small businesses.

I also believe that it’s wrong to waste taxpayer dollars on tax discounts for corporations that ship jobs oversees or across the border. We should close these wasteful tax loopholes, and reward companies that create jobs here instead.

What are your qualifications for this office?

I have a history of doing things differently to get things done. I work with both parties to deliver actual results for ordinary families. During my time at the state Legislature, the Arizona Republic said that I passed a “remarkable” number of bills to help families because of my ability to work with others. I worked with Republicans to help our veterans and to create jobs. I was able to do this even when I was in the minority in a very ideologically divided Legislature — similar to today’s Congress. Because of my history of getting things done for families, our campaign has been endorsed by chief leaders in our CD9 communities like Mayor Stanton, Mayor Mitchell, former Congressman Harry Mitchell as well as the police and fire fighters who keep our neighborhoods safe. Recently, the Arizona Republic endorsed our campaign stating that I “demonstrated passion and preparation for the job ahead.”

Voters should know that since the time I started working as a social worker, I’ve always fought for everyday families. I don’t back down from doing what I believe is right. I took on Gov. Brewer over her cuts to KidsCare and education. I have a real record of doing right by our nation’s veterans and armed servicemen and women. I’m proud to have my work recognized by national groups like Veterans and Military Families for Progress for protecting Luke Air Force Base and passing legislation that made it easier for military families to find work.

In Congress, I will work with anyone who is willing to come together to create solutions for strengthening our economy, protecting Social Security and Medicare and ensuring a world class education for our kids.

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