Sandy Lowe

Sandy Lowe during the Tempe Union High School District candidates forum at Mountain Pointe High School on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012.

[David Jolkovski/AFN]

Age: 58

City: Tempe

Campaign info: or (480) 961-0388

Why are you running for Tempe Union High School District’s governing board?

I would love to serve our community in this way because of my passion for education and strong connection with this community. I understand the importance of students graduating with the skills they need to be successful in life.

I have the commitment, time and energy, and knowledge to take on this challenging role and would be honored to contribute any way I can to further the excellence of our district. There are many challenges today in education, but I believe they are solvable working together toward consensus, respecting each other through the process, and always keeping students the focus of important decisions.

In your opinion, what is the most important issue in the district and how will you address it if elected?

I believe one of the most important challenges is individualizing education as much as possible so each student experiences success.

Parent and teacher involvement is critical. Maximizing classroom dollars, to make sure every dollar spent produces results, is a priority.

Identifying student needs, early in each semester, is essential to make sure they receive the assistance they need. I will support improving professional development and classroom support for teachers, especially when class size approaches 35.

I understand for parents to stay involved, there has to be strong communication using multiple strategies to reach as many families as possible. Looking for ways to improve this is a priority, so is understanding that this is a two-way street and that families have to want this involvement for it to work.

I support principals having some freedom in addressing their school-site needs, since each is different. They understand the characteristics of their community better than anyone, and with that, can develop effective ways to serve their students.

I will research issues, talk with as many stakeholders as possible, and remain accessible to our community so we can work together in providing the best education possible.

What are your qualifications?

From my many years as a parent and education volunteer in our districts, I have a good working knowledge of TUHSD and the budget process, along with what parents and classroom teachers view as important.

I hope my on-going involvement demonstrates my commitment to education and our community, especially our students. From my experience as a classroom volunteer and PTO leader, to co-founding the Parent Network, as well as my ongoing participation as a parent stakeholder on district committees I understand:

1. The importance of timely and relevant communication to ensure stakeholders are involved in decisions.

2. Consensus truly is effective and results in needed buy-in from everyone for success.

3. Listening is more important than speaking for understanding issues.

With my strong business background as a research analyst for more than 18 years, I recognize the importance of research and best practices in supporting decisions. I have a strong analytical and problem solving ability which will contribute in finding solutions to our challenges, and I recognize the importance of maximizing our budget dollars.

I am ready to take on this important role and hope you will support me in this endeavor.

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