Bob Robson

Why are you running for office?

Experience and leadership matter a great deal in the Arizona Legislature, especially at a time when voters are looking to lawmakers for solutions. I am running for the Arizona House of Representatives because I clearly understand the challenges of our current economic situation. As a seasoned legislator who has served in leadership, I have a unique ability to assess and respond to the needs of the citizens of Arizona. As a professor of practice at ASU, I know firsthand the importance of a building a strong education system, so Arizona will remain competitive in a modern, global economy.

What issue will be your biggest priority if/when elected?

My legislative agenda is simple: enhance Arizona’s education infrastructure, grow Arizona’s economy through the creation and retention of private sector jobs and strengthen the budget.

That said, two of my highest priorities are investing in and improving our Public Education System. In order to achieve this, we must pay great teachers what they deserve, so we can attract the best and brightest individuals to educate our children.

In terms of higher education, I am an outspoken advocate of a strong university system for the state of Arizona. Arizona students who want to attend college should have access to great universities and affordable community colleges. An educated workforce is essential to a vibrant, modern economy.

What are your qualifications for this office?

My desire to develop a sustained and healthy economy originally led me to become a member of the Greater Phoenix Economic Strategic Policy Committee. Later, after serving on the Chandler Planning and Zoning Commission and the Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization Study Committee, I was elected to the Chandler City Council, where I served for eight years. During my time on Chandler City Council, I learned the right and wrong ways to approach local situations; how to reach sustainable solutions for a rapidly growing city.

My civic involvement includes many diverse organizations like Kiwanis, the Salvation Army and the Chandler Boys and Girls Clubs. I was also a member of the Chandler Airport Commission and chairman of the Maricopa County Sports Commission. Additionally, my service as chairman of the Arizona Auto Theft Authority and as a Maricopa Community College teacher taught me problem solving skills that I bring to the Legislature.

My vast background in civic organizations, service on the Chandler City Council and experience in the Arizona Legislature combined with my work as a small business owner and as a professor of practice at ASU (criminal justice) has equipped me with the experience and leadership to represent District 18 in the Arizona House of Representatives. I have always believed that as long as people enjoy serving their communities, the American Experiment will continue to grow and prosper.

Robson is a Chandler resident. For more information, visit or call (480) 786-0809.

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