Jeff Flake
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Why are you running for office?

The federal government is too big, and it spends, taxes, and regulates too much. I am running for Senate to advance the principles of limited government, economic freedom, and individual responsibility.

What issue will be your biggest priority if/when elected?

There is no issue as urgent or important as our growing national debt. It affects every aspect of government, from the economy to immigration reform. It’s imperative that Congress begin to take this problem seriously by reducing discretionary spending and making reforms to programs like Social Security and Medicare so they can be preserved for future generations. If Congress acts soon, these reforms can be implemented without affecting those currently receiving benefits or nearing retirement. We’ve seen in Europe what can happen when these issues are ignored for too long. If elected to the United States Senate, reducing the national debt and passing balanced budgets will be my priority.

What are your qualifications for this office?

I have a record of reform in the House of Representatives. I was not afraid to take on my own political party when they were on the wrong path, even though I was punished for it. Because of my persistence, we were able to eliminate spending earmarks, the wasteful pork projects that Congress slipped into bills. I won’t be afraid to make the tough decisions that our fiscal crisis demands and to create a tax and regulatory environment to empower the private sector to grow the economy and create jobs.

Flake is a resident of Mesa. For more information on Flake, visit

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