Vernon Parker

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Why are you running for office?

I’m a product of the American Dream. I grew up in a neighborhood replete with drugs, gangs and violence. I was raised by my grandmother who couldn’t read or write. But she taught me through hard work and education, I could accomplish anything. And today, I’m running for the U.S. Congress.

But my greatest fear is that future generations won’t have the opportunities to overcome those circumstances — that they won’t be able to accomplish the American Dream. I’m running to make sure they can.

I’m running because tough decisions need to be made in order to ensure a better future for our children. I’m not afraid to make those tough decisions. As mayor of Paradise Valley, I managed to work with folks on both sides of the aisle to cut the budget by 30 percent.

I’m running because we can get our economy back on track. We can get Americans back to work. We can provide a better future for our children. And I will not rest until we do.

What issue will be your biggest priority if/when elected?

Jobs. Plain and simple. Jobs.

Getting Americans, especially the middle class, back to work must be our No. 1 priority. We cannot ensure a better future for this country if we can’t fix our economic problems right now.

But we can only do that if government gets out of the way. The free market cannot prosper with all of our current rules and regulations. We need to renew the current tax rates for another five years, cut the corporate tax rate and reduce government regulations.

Until the real unemployment rate drops significantly, we cannot be sure that the American Dream will live on.

What are your qualifications for this office?

I have an associate’s degree from Long Beach Community College and a B.S. in finance from California State University at Long Beach. I also have a law degree from Georgetown University, experience with the administrations of both President George H. W. and George W. Bush. I served as special assistant to President George H.W. Bush in the White House, general counsel of the United States Office of Personnel Management; I was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate as an assistant secretary of agriculture, a small business owner, and mayor of Paradise Valley, and I served on the Paradise Valley Town Council. I would believe that my education and work experience qualifies me.

But anyone can look good on paper. It’s my work ethic — my passion — my heart that sets me apart.

Parker is a resident of Paradise Valley. For more information, visit

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