Moses Sanchez during the Tempe Union High School District candidates forum at Mountain Pointe High School on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012.

[David Jolkovski/AFN]

Age: 35

City: Phoenix (Ahwatukee)

Campaign info: or (805) 459-6602

Why are you running for Tempe Union High School District’s governing board?

After returning from a tour of duty in Afghanistan this past January, I knew that I had to get re-involved in our community.

Ahwatukee has the two largest schools within the TUHSD but it hasn’t had representation on the board in quite some time. Being from Ahwatukee, and having two kids in the TUHSD, I felt I could bring a unique perspective to the board.

If elected, I will bring thoughtful conversation to each decision the school board is required to make. I will carefully weigh the risks and benefits of those decisions for the students, the teachers, the staff and administration, and the tax payers.

My desire is to demonstrate responsible decision making that is not biased by external factors and puts the young people in our high schools in a solid position to face their future strong and wisely.

In your opinion, what is the most important issue in the district and how will you address it if elected?

TUHSD is arguably the best school district in the state and I plan on sustaining things that are working well in our district.

There’s always room for improvement and I will make the greatest effort to improve them including communication with the community at large and addressing the achievement gap within our district. Addressing this gap could have an impact on the overall graduation rate among students within the district.

Do you know how many people in Ahwatukee don’t know that Desert Vista and Mountain Pointe are part of the Tempe Union High School District?

Communication with the community at large is one of the most important challenges our district faces.

Interactive communication and community outreach is necessary in order to overcome this challenge. Websites and emails are one style of communicating but they are not as effective as being out in the community and explaining district efficiencies and effectiveness.

Interactive communication means going to and addressing service organizations, churches, political organizations of all backgrounds, community events, effectively using social media, and newspapers opinion pieces.

If elected, I will implement a strong outreach program and champion the schools in our district.

What are your qualifications?

As a former past president of the Kiwanis Club of Ahwatukee, I know about serving children in our community. As an educator I understand the many daily challenges our educators face. As a parent of two teenagers in the TUHSD, I have the same concerns that other parents have regarding the future education of America. And as a property owner I am financially vested to our schools and will make certain our dollars are being properly invested.

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