District 20 Democratic Party aids Kyrene schools
The sun sets on a flag put up by the South Pointe Resort on Flag Day. The Pointe had flags flying all around the resort in honor of the day.

The Kyrene School District received a small boost Tuesday night in its attempts to obey a state law, going into effect on Sunday, that requires every classroom to display an American flag and a copy of the U.S. Constitution. Frieda Pollack, chair of the Legislative District 20 Democratic Party, presented Kyrene's governing board with a $337 check. The monies were donated by party members after Pollack "passed that hat" at the group's last meeting. "We did it because we saw a need," Pollack said. "I read in the paper the district was having trouble meeting the requirements." Arizona Revised Statute 15-506 mandates that all school districts and charter schools must purchase "United States flags that are manufactured in the United States and that are at least 2-feet-by-3-feet in size for grades seven through 12, purchase a legible copy of the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights that is manufactured in the United States." The bill that eventually became ARS 15-506 was contentious at the time of its passage and remains divisive, but Pollack noted the time to critique the law's mandates had passed. "The law is there, and it's up to the districts to comply with it, so we're just trying to help them," she said. "In the end, we thought it was a good thing to do." The donation, Pollack said, should be enough to outfit about 50 classrooms with flags. Kelly Alexander, director of instructional services for Kyrene, said the district is well on its way to complying with ARS 15-506, but is grateful for the community assistance. "It's very helpful when organizations chose to donate," she said. "We purchased all the Constitutions and Bill of Rights for all our sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade classrooms, even though the law just said seventh and eighth grades. "We are still in the process of acquiring all the flags," Alexander continued. "We certainly have a flag in each classroom, but we have to get flags of the correct size; 2-feet-by-3-feet." Any individual or organization that would like to donate flags should contact Bonnie Dolinsek at (480) 783-4175. Jason Ludwig can be reached at (480) 898-7916 or jludwig@aztrib.com.

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