At the start of the Desert Foothills Trailhead

Councilman Sal DiCiccio talks about planned improvements for the trailhead. 

Cheryl Haselhorst/AFN Staff Photographer

Elections allow you, my boss the ability to review my work. I hope you will take the time to reflect on the many successes we have been able to get accomplished for our community together, a community my family and I call home. 

These successes haven't occurred in a vacuum – we made them happen, working together to solve big and little problems. We have a great community, made up of fantastic people who care and have put in personal time and effort improving our quality of life.

As your Councilman, I have spent almost every waking hour fighting for you. We worked together to bring in the first police substation and senior center.

Pecos Park, Mountain Vista Park and Desert Vista Park were just empty lots without any imagination until people like Pastor Don Schneider, Mary Conant, and the Ahwatukee Board of Management worked with me to bring life to these great accomplishments.

Telegraph Pass, the addition and preservation of over 144 acres of our mountain preserve off of 19th Avenue and Chandler Boulevard, and the $26 million in improvements now slated for south Mountain Park were accomplished by our hard work -  preserving our open spaces, and with a keen eye on enhancing our quality of life.

When the Lakewood community and the Foothills Country Club were under threat of losing their water, volunteers from both their HOA’s worked tirelessly at the endless meetings we had with ADOT to preserve the critical water supply. Mission accomplished.

And, yes, for those who live at Club West, we are still working on your problem. The other two were difficult, but we got them done, and yours will get done as well – that will happen.

I do not think a day goes by that I am not in communication with Mike Hinz of your association, and Chad Blostone, our Village Planning Chair, working through ideas and solutions.

We've gotten most of my district lined up for repaving over the next three years, both in the north and south. I put in as much time solving problems in the northern side of the district as I do here.

Whenever you – the people I serve – have asked me to take on an issue, large or small, I have.

And I'm not stopping now. This fall the council will be dealing with issues ranging from the halfway houses creeping into our neighborhoods, to providing public bus service for kids to get to and from after school events, to major fiscal reforms to our budget and pension system.

These aren't the kind of things that can be addressed with one campaign one liners, no matter how much my opponent believes otherwise.

Actually, he has made statements on Channel 15 admitting to never attending a single Council meeting, and he is on record of consistently not voting in city elections. That is a first in any election I have ever seen.

Good work takes time, community engagement and effort, and – well – voting and attending maybe one meeting would be a good start. Would you trust a person that never shows up for meetings to solve our problems? The Lakes? Club West? Lakewood? Foothills? 

This isn't the narrative you hear from my opponents, but it's the truth. And the truth of this election is that our communities, our city, can't afford to have incurious, unengaged representation – not now. We have too much still to do.

 Remember, if you want to know what I will do, please look to what I have done.

That's why I am, once again, asking you, my boss for your vote.  

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