Kevin Patterson
Special to AFN

I was at a meet and greet in Ahwatukee a few weeks ago, listening to folks talk about some of the major issues that are affecting their everyday lives.

Were there enough police keeping their neighborhoods safe? How badly is the 202-expansion going to affect their commute to work? How do we keep home values around the Lakes and Club West golf courses from falling even further, with no solution in sight?

As I sat and listened to more than a dozen residents go around the table, passionately detailing their concerns, I was struck with a single thought.

Where is the leadership in District 6? And how do we get it back?

At Banner Health, my job is director of leadership development. Every day, I am tasked with making sure that physicians, executives, nurses and staff are trained, kept accountable, and developed into leaders that we can be sure will take exceptional care of hundreds of thousands of patients around the State.

I know that without good leadership, without constant accountability and a commitment to get better every day, our system of providing healthcare would simply fall apart.

District 6 is no different.

I understand that Councilman DiCiccio is a well-known, career politician in Ahwatukee. I respect and admire the work he has put in on the issues important to residents, to constantly engage with them and make sure that they feel informed.

Yet, as a constituent and an engaged citizen, something critically important to me is results, and across District 6, we just aren’t seeing them.

The Lakes golf course is dead, and Club West looks to be next without drastic leadership changes, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in your home values are at stake.

Despite “banging on the desk and making a lot of noise,” the situation has not improved in years. A new leader can bring folks to the table to build consensus and actually solve this problem without rehashing old views.

Ahwatukee only has three police patrol cars on at one time, but Sal voted against the budget that funded the police increase we need to keep our streets safe.

He claims to have won 500 police officers for this community, but we know that that is a blatant lie. Leaders who bring home results to their constituents don’t have to mislead voters about their record.

I promise to never lie about my record, and throughout this campaign I have been honest, even to a fault.

The 202 construction has begun in Ahwatukee, but where is the leader advocating for our residents?  

Construction near Lagos Elementary is dangerous for kids, but under Sal’s watch, we still do not have barriers up to protect children from heavy machinery, or neighborhoods from intense noise pollution.

To make the 202 work for you and your family will require constant attention, close working relationships with the appropriate state and federal agencies, and get results for you.

Every day District 6 does not have a leader; the dangers only increase.

I elect my public servants to lead, to have a well-researched and inclusive vision for our community built on shared values.

As your councilman, I promise to do just that. I have put in the time and the work to learn the issues, to connect with residents, to find solutions to the issues, even if they might not be the popular sentiment. I have released an extensive policy platform based on real numbers and facts, not empty promises.

I am ready to serve you and your family, and bring representation back to District 6.

I ask for your vote Aug. 29 because I believe in an Ahwatukee and District 6 that we are all proud of. I am ready to take the next steps forward with fresh leadership.

Are you?

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