Kevin Patterson

I love District 6 and the City of Phoenix. I know how fortunate I was to grow up in Ahwatukee in a wonderful neighborhood around the Lakes Golf Course, and I see the potential and character of North Central Phoenix as a great asset to our community. 

Yet, throughout this campaign, as I have talked to more and more residents of our vibrant community, I have become more and more concerned for the future integrity, character, and true nature of our neighborhoods.

I recently attended a meeting of the Camelback East Village Planning Committee, where discussions are underway to tear apart the Phoenician Resort in the district.

 While this may seem like an issue far removed from Ahwatukee, we have seen developer aggression time and time again, whether with our golf courses or the 202 expansion, and it threatens the core of what our neighborhoods are.

 As we look to build a strategic plan and vision for our district and city, finding how we can balance growth with responsibility and neighborhood will be core to our mission.

As one citizen said at the Planning Committee meeting, “great cities are made by great leaders,” but they are “maintained by great neighborhoods.” 

District 6 has lacked great leadership for this decade, with a councilman who is more concerned in allowing developers free reign to tear apart our community than fighting for working families like ours who are seeing their communities change before their eyes.

 Leaders are supposed to bring more voices into the fold, to listen and learn and advocate for the true interests of our families. For too many families in this district, that just hasn’t been the case.

Our district is strong, and we are even stronger when we are united around our common values and purpose. District 6 is full of great neighborhoods made up of inspiring people, but it has lacked a great leader. 

I do not know everything, and I don’t have every answer, but I am ready to learn from you and your families, to advocate and fight for the community we call home. 

That is why I believe I am the best fit to represent District 6, and why I am so eager to take on the unique challenges this community faces. It’s time for someone who will say yes to you, your voice, and your neighborhood. 

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