The first day of kindergarten can make parents as nervous as their children. To alleviate some of those fears, the Kyrene School District is offering tours of its kindergarten classrooms.

On Monday, Kyrene de la Sierra principal Tracey Pastor gave a school tour to two parents whose children will be entering kindergarten and first grade this fall.

“Parents should have the opportunity to ask questions in a one-on-one environment,” Pastor said. “Most of their questions are about class sizes and how we place the children in classrooms.”

The tours can be especially useful for parents entering KSD from out of state.

“When people are completely unfamiliar with the district the tours can be a way to introduce them to Kyrene in general,” Pastor said.

Ahwatukee Foothills resident Erin Myers will be sending her son to kindergarten at Sierra in August, and she was comforted by the level of parent involvement she found at the school.

“It’s good to see that the school is family oriented and that he’ll be comfortable here,” Myers said.

Kindergarten classrooms in KSD have a teacher-student ratio of 1-23, and all classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards.

“The SMART Boards are great because teachers can talk about an animal the students have never seen before and then pull the animal up immediately on the SMART Board to show the students,” Pastor said.

To quell worries from parents of kindergartners being bullied by older students, Sierra Elementary is set up so that kindergartners only eat lunch and go to recess with other kindergartners.

A full schedule of kindergarten orientation tours for all KSD schools can be found at Parents are also welcome to call the school their child will attend to find out tour dates and times.

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