Fans who bet on the Super Bowl may have listened to sports analysts or read statistics before wagering, but they could have just asked the students of Kyrene de la Colina Elementary School for advice.

Colina students have been conducting their “Soup-er Bowl” for the past 13 years. The students bring in canned food items and place them on different sides of their auditorium to vote for the team they think will win the Super Bowl.

“This was our 14th year doing it, and we’ve only been wrong twice,” fifth-grade teacher Emily Daniels said.

Colina students brought in 2,010 canned food items for the Soup-er Bowl. The students placed 1,286 cans on the Saints’ side of the auditorium, and 724 on the Colts’ side. This year’s prediction brings the students up to an 85 percent accuracy rate for Super Bowl picks.

“It’s a cool activity to do that gets all of our students involved in our community,” Daniels said. “All of the cans have been packed up and taken to Kyrene Resource Center, which helps Kyrene families in need.”

With the Super Bowl over, students have turned their goodwill efforts to a new cause.

“We are selling paper links to make chains that start in our library and go down the halls to different wings to benefit children in Haiti,” Daniels said.

There is one more week to go for students to buy chain links, but the students have already raised $1,000 in donations. MidFirst Bank has agreed to match their donation to UNICEF.

“The students are concerned about the kids in Haiti and about the fact that there is no school there right now,” Daniels said. “They are worried that the kids are without homes and food.”

Colina’s PTO has been active in organizing the chain link fundraiser for Haiti. The PTO members have cut chain links and sent letters home to parents informing them about the fundraiser.

“There is a beautiful map of Haiti in the library, and the chains go out from there,” PTO president Orfe Kelly said. “My daughter had $5 from the tooth fairy, and she gave it to the fundraiser for Haiti.”

One chain link can be purchased for 25 cents, and five links can be purchased for $1.

“Even in this hard time we see so many parents and students bringing in money to help,” Kelly said.

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