Chances are you know of a dog named Buddy, Max or Lady. Perhaps there’s a cat called Lucy, Shadow or Angel among your family’s and friends’ menagerie.

But, although they do exist, it’s unlikely you’ll come across a canine or feline named Angry Donut, Shyanne Thailand Moo Goo Guy Pan or Rusty Buckets., the largest online database of adoptable pets, has announced its annual ranking of the 10 most popular names for adoptable pets in 2009. And as a hoot, it also added some of the more unusual monikers out there.

The top 10 most popular dog names were Buddy, Max, Daisy, Lucy, Charlie, Bella, Molly, Jack, Sadie and Lady.

The top 10 most popular cat names were Lucy, Smokey, Midnight, Bella, Molly, Daisy, Oreo, Shadow, Charlie and Angel.

Just for fun, also shared its favorite quirky, wacky and unusual names of the year. Selected from more than 170 submissions received via Facebook and Twitter, the following names were too hilarious to go unrecognized: Shyanne Thailand Moo Goo Guy Pan, Mr. Tomfoolery Scardeycat Eliot, Rusty Buckets, KeelHaul, Too Fancy for You, Angry Donut, Maple Syrup, Hoseclamp, Prince Xavier Binxley and Hoku-ho’okele-wa’a. is an online, searchable database of animals that need permanent homes.

In addition, also offers a wealth of information about how to select a family pet and how to raise and care for an animal. The Web site is free to use. Animal shelters and placement groups may register to join online and start entering pets the same day. was named one of TIME magazine’s 50 Best Web Sites of 2008.

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