Brownies send cookies to soldiers, thanks to community
Members of Brownie Troop 1145 recently sent cookies and other goodies to troops overseas. Pictured are (bottom row, left to right) Devyn Hickey, Alex Tarnopolski, Natalie Schuler, Teagan Schuler and Katie Minch; (top row, left to right) Sabrina Tu, Haidyn Moroz, Sophia Chew, Analisia Argenziano and Kaelyn Chang.

Thanks to many generous people in Ahwatukee Foothills and other parts of the country, Brownie Troop 1145 was able to ship more than 1,200 boxes of Girl Scout cookies overseas to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Twenty-eight service men and women, located in some of the remotest parts of both countries, received between 36 and 60 boxes each to share with their units.

From their cookie proceeds, the troop purchased beef jerky, sunflower seeds, socks, nuts and gum to use as packing materials around the cookies and to surprise the troops with other enjoyable gifts. Cards were made by several children and placed in the boxes along with lists of the many, many donors. Numerous hours were spent packing the cookies, filling out customs declarations and shipping the items to each recipient. 

The troop’s original goal was to ship 500 boxes of cookies, but within a week of beginning their sale they had surpassed that number and increased their target to 1,000. At the final tally, more than 1,200 boxes were sold, packed up and shipped overseas.

Brownie Haidyn Moroz sold more than 500 boxes of cookie donations and Kaelyn Chang sold more than 350.

Based on experience from last year, troop members knew that shipping the cookies would be a large expense so they asked for a $1 per box donation to help with shipping. Those who donated were happy to assist with shipping.

With only 10 girls in the troop, donations averaged 120 per girl. So many people found the cause to be a good one, and knowing that the cookies were being sent directly to soldiers made it even more special.

Thank you to everyone who supported this amazing Sierra Brownie Troop.


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