Children all over the world are starving, but there is something Ahwatukee Foothills residents can do to help.

Through Saturday, Nov. 21, the Feed My Starving Children Organization will be working to prepare and pack 1 million meals for children in need. The organization needs 5,000 volunteers to pack the meals and $170,000 to pay for them. Volunteers do not have to pay any money, but every little bit helps. According to a press release, it costs 17 cents per meal and a donation of $62 would feed one child for an entire year.

Volunteers can go to any of the four host churches: Esperanza Lutheran in Phoenix, Peace Lutheran in Peoria, La Casa de Cristo Lutheran in Scottsdale or Love of Christ Lutheran in Mesa. The Esperanza site is almost full so Ahwatukee Foothill residents are encouraged to go to one of the other churches to make sure there is room.

Although hosted at churches the FMSC is not affiliated with any one specific church. Their goodwill is not reserved for only members of a certain faith and everyone is welcome to help, according to Arizona development advisor Janine Skinner.

“We have worked with volunteers of all faiths, and no faith and no one feels uncomfortable being part of these events,” she said.

The FMSC is considering opening a permanent packing facility in Arizona. Part of Skinner’s job includes finding out if there would be enough people and donations to support a full-time facility in Arizona.

“We have a lot of repeat volunteers from Ahwatukee and I know they would appreciate the full-time facility,” she said.

Opening a full-time facility would allow Arizonans to volunteer anytime, instead of only when there are special events. Skinner said they should know by 2010 whether or not Arizona can host a permanent facility.

Along with hopes of a building of their own, Skinner said the Arizona branch also has other goals for 2010. They are hoping to pack 5 million meals and raise $300,000 to put towards the facility.

“Your heart kind of breaks at these events when thinking about the children, but at the same time you feel good inside because you know you are making a difference in their lives,” she said.

Volunteers can register or donate at For any questions on how else to get involved, contact Janine Skinner at


Brandi Bell is interning this semester for the Ahwatukee Foothills News. She is a sophomore at Arizona State University.

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