A new state report shows that Kyrene is near the top of the list among Arizona schools that direct money to classrooms rather than administrators.

The recently released Arizona Auditor General’s report divided spending into classroom instruction and non-classroom expenses, showing that in the 2009-10 school year KSD spent 62.9 percent of its funds in the classroom. Only eight other districts in the state spent a higher percentage of their funding in the classroom.

“We are very proud of the percentage of money we are spending dedicated to the classroom, and it should constantly be a goal to put as much money as possible in the classroom,” said Kelly Alexander, community education and outreach services director. “The 62.9 percent may not seem like a high percentage, but that only includes money spent on the teacher and students in the classroom, not other things like the library.”

According to Alexander, KSD is running lean when it comes to administration, which allows it to spend more in the classroom.

“The bond money we have received in the last few years has allowed us to promote technology improvements and route buses as efficiently as possible,” she said. “Those are things that used to take a lot more time with hands-on paperwork, but now they are done much quicker.”

The Auditor General report showed that KSD spent 20.4 percent less than its peers on administration, 22.8 percent less in plant operations costs and 27.3 percent less in transportation costs.

“This ranking shows the huge value we place on the classroom,” Alexander said.

To view the entire report from the Arizona Auditor General, visit www.auditorgen.state.az.us.

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