In honor of National Teen Driver Safety Week, Oct. 18 to 24, AAA offers parents resources and tools to assist them in discussing with their teens the inherent dangers that come along with driving and how to be safe, responsible motorists.

“Recent tragedies in the Valley clearly illustrate the dangers that exist when teens get behind the wheel,” said Linda Gorman, public affairs director for AAA Arizona. “Speeding, distractions and passengers are some of the many topics parents should be discussing with their teen. To help start the conversation and help reduce the risk of crashes, AAA wants to ensure parents know of the resources and tools available to help them.”

During National Teen Driver Safety Week, AAA would like to let parents and teens know about the wealth of resources available to them during the learning-to-drive process, and beyond:

• Register for Dare to Prepare. AAA’s free workshop provides parents and teens with critical information they need to know before teens take the wheel, including explaining the steps to obtain a permit and a driver’s license in the state of Arizona. For upcoming dates and to register, call (602) 241-2945.

• Visit AAA’s Web site,, to learn what you need to know about teen driving, including choosing a driving school, risks associated with teen drivers, and to download driving agreements.

• Sign up for AAA’s free e-mail newsletter, StartSmart, for parents and teens. A series of e-mail newsletters help you identify the challenges you and your teen will face and how to work as a team to reduce risk. To sign-up, visit

• Request a free copy of “Safe Driving,” a 36-page booklet, sponsored by AAA Arizona, the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, by calling (602) 241-2945.

• Consider implementing a parent-teen driving agreement when he or she is ready to get behind the wheel. Work with your teen so that the agreement is not a surprise and is an expected part of the process. To print out a contract, visit or

• Select a quality driving school. Professional instructors can provide comprehensive training that address the mistakes new drivers are most likely to make. Parents can utilize AAA Arizona’s Approved Driving School Network to find a quality driving school in the Phoenix metropolitan area. To view a list of schools, visit

• Take advantage of driver training programs. Several programs are available to fit your family’s needs including teenSMART, a supplement that will result in substantial insurance discounts through AAA; Teaching Your Teens To Drive, a DVD and workbook program that helps guide parents who choose to teach their teens to drive themselves; and Driver-ZED, a computer-based program that helps teens recognize and avoid driving hazards. To learn more about each driver training program, visit

To further spread the message of teen traffic safety, AAA invites the public to vote for their favorite traffic safety Public Service Announcement (PSA) created by teens. Five PSAs will be featured on The PSA with the most votes will receive $2,000 courtesy of AAA Insurance.


Submitted by AAA Arizona

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