Charlie is a beautiful, affectionate, energetic 2-year-old kitty. When she’s not directing her energy towards talking to you, snuggling with you, or trying to score a meal from you, she’ll focus her energy on a vigorous playtime! Charlie loves playtime and in particular loves wand toys of all types, be it feather wands, swizzle wands, or some other type of wand.

Charlie is a purr machine who loves attention from her people. Charlie enjoys being held; in fact, if you rock her back and forth she’s been known to go into such a state of relaxation you wonder if she is in a trance!

Charlie is also a certified lap warmer, rarely passing up the opportunity to make herself at home in a vacant lap. Whether she’s snuggling in your lap or in your arms, Charlie enjoys being petted and brushed. She also loves her meals and will do the cutest “hungry” dance that consists of her standing on her hind legs and doing a little jig as you carry her food dish over to her.

This sweet kitty is looking forward to the next chapter in her life where she can enjoy having your full attention for the many conversations, playtimes, and snuggle sessions you’ll have together. Life with Charlie will never be boring and never be lonely – she is a true companion that will make your life complete! If interested in learning more about Charlie, please fill out an application for her today at

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