Someone to love: Abby
Submitted photo

Abby is a sweet, mellow, and affectionate kitty with soft gray fur and a white stripe that runs straight down the bridge of her nose. Abby enjoys attention from her people and will gently head butt you in the hopes of getting some petting — head and ear rubs, chin scratches, and chest massages are some of her favorite forms of petting. Whether its being held or taking up residence in an available lap, Abby loves to snuggle and she will loudly purr in contentment the entire time. Other fun facts about Abby: she likes to play, she is very vocal, she is a social eater, and she seems fine in the company of other friendly kitties. Abby is a recent rescue so check back for updates as we get to know more about Abby’s purrsonality.

Convinced she’s the one for you based on what you’ve already seen? Then by all means, apply for this sweet girl today at

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