One-year-old Crosby is an incredibly handsome little guy with bold orange markings and striking orange eyes. This sweet boy is very friendly yet charmingly shy at the same time. He warms up quickly though and turns into a total pushover once he knows you’re there to pet him or ring the dinner bell. Crosby is a very affectionate guy who loves one-on-one time with his people. When he wants attention, he’ll rub against you and softly head butt you to say hello. Purring commences immediately upon being petted, especially if the petting includes ear rubs and chin scratches. He also enjoys being brushed. His purr motor gets even louder when he scores the opportunity to snuggle in your lap. Whether he’s lying next to you, on you, or being held, Crosby will be content because he is with you. Hugs, kisses and conversation suit him just fine as well. He is quite curious — a trait that marries up quite nicely to the fact that Crosby loves playtime. He will play with just about anything you offer him. Dangle a toy mouse or stuffed toy in front of him and he’ll take it away from you only to bat it across the floor until he once again captures it and bunny kicks it into submission. Crosby is also a fan of swizzle and feather wands, taking great delight in capturing them and proudly dragging them to his lair. Attach a stuffed toy to the end of a wand and it is the best of both worlds— Crosby will skid across the room and fly through the air in his efforts to capture the toy. Crosby gets along well with other friendly kitties and enjoys their companionship.

If interested in learning more about Crosby, fill out an application for him today at

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