Siggy is one of a kind

Sigmund, aka Siggy, is a handsome red-haired Dachshund with the cutest blonde highlights growing out of the strangest places. This guy could definitely sport a Mohawk if he wanted to! He's quite the character and has a unique personality to match his unique look. Siggy loves going on walks and is quite the neighborhood ambassador, very friendly to everyone he meets. He loves to spread out and roll around in the grass. He's just a happy little guy who enjoys the simple things in life. Little Siggy wants nothing more than a family and home to call his own. He goes to bed every night hoping for a mom and dad who will love and care for him for the rest of his life.

If interested in Siggy, visit


Luke and Leia are looking for a home

Luke and Leia were born around April Fools Day. These adorable, good natured mixed breed pups are currently being fostered for Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. The mother of these dogs was medium sized so it is suspected that these cuties will be as well. The brown one is male, while the white pup is female. They will be spay/neutered on May 18 and will have had their shots as age appropriate. These pups have wonderful temperaments thus far, but will need continued socialization. The proud parent(s) of these pups will be eligible for a free doggie foundations class.

If interested in Luke and Leia, contact Beth of Canine Companion Consulting at (602) 790-9430.

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