Someone to love: Jimmy

Jimmy will fall over against you in complete surrender to your petting!

Submitted photo

Just looking at Jimmy makes you want to pick him up and give him a big hug, except he's so little. You don't even have to touch Jimmy to get him to start purring, just looking at him gets that purr motor rumbling. Once you start petting him, wherever he is, whatever he's doing - if he's standing still or in mid-stride - Jimmy will fall over against you in complete surrender. He pretty much loves to be petted anywhere and everywhere. Jimmy is not only a snuggly little guy; he's an inquisitive, playful, and silly little kitty as well. Jimmy loves to explore and excels at playing; he considers it to be one of his favorite past times. Taunt him with a wand toy and watch him leap high into the air. Toss a toy mouse across the room and watch him take off in hot pursuit. Toss a stuffed toy across the room and Jimmy will bat at it and chase it. OK, toss anything across the room and Jimmy will be an orange and white flash as he pursues it This sweet boy is going to make some lucky family very happy.

To learn more about him, visit RESCUE's website at

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