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Sugar is a fitting name for this affectionate, energetic, 4-year-old Boxer with the big, brown eye patch. Forget about proper introductions because as soon as she sees you she can barely contain her excitement that she has just found her long lost friend and someone who will most certainly become her life-long friend. Sugar is very friendly with people and absolutely loves attention, sitting and leaning against people until they acknowledge her with a pet or a hug. Sugar is quite the lap dog and is always happy to lounge on your lap; don’t be surprised if she rolls over on her back — it’s her way of inviting you to give her a good satisfying chest and belly rub. Sugar will show her gratitude for your petting, hugging, and belly rubs by giving you big, sloppy kisses with her lightning fast tongue for as long as you’ll accept them. Sometimes she’ll place her paws on each side of your shoulders to give you a hug back. Sugar loves rawhide bones, tug-of-war, playing with your shoestrings, and engaging in a good game of fetch. She has a look of such pride when she carries a tennis ball around in her mouth. Sugar loves being outside where she can walk, run, play tag, wrestle, explore, roll around in the grass, and inspect all bushes and trees. Sugar rides well in the car but is still fine-tuning her leash manners. Since she is such a strong, energetic gal, Sugar needs a person who will guide her and lead her. Sugar is also looking for a workout buddy who she can regularly walk, jog, or hike with. She loves playing with dogs her size or larger, engaging them in games of chase, wrestling matches, and even sharing a stick or a ball. Sugar isn’t quite sure how to play with smaller dogs and can be a bit too much for them at times. If you’re just as excited to meet Sugar as she is to meet you, please fill out an application for her today at

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