Someone to love: Ava
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Ava, a 2-year-old Balinese, is truly a beautiful cat with her lovely coloring, soft, luxurious fur, and big, blue eyes. There is more to this girl than good looks, though. Ava is a sweet, friendly, affectionate girl with the softest meow you have ever heard. We believe she uses her enchanting meow to make you forget what you are doing and entice you into spending time with her. Before you know it, you are sitting down and your previously empty lap is now filled with a furry, purry, bundle of love. The continual purring that emanates from Ava causes you to further lose track of time and before you know it, you’ve been alternating between petting and brushing Ava’s beautiful fur coat for who knows how long.

When Ava’s not busy charming you into petting/brushing her for hours on end, she enjoys playing with feather wands and holding deep, philosophical conversations with you. When snuggle time and playtime are over, Ava is content to find a kitty condo or another comfy spot to dreamily remember how much she enjoyed her time with you as she drifts off to sleep. Ava does fine with other friendly, mellow kitties but would be just as content to have her people all to herself.

If interested in learning more about Ava, please fill out an application for her today at

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