Someone to love: Missy
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Missy is an incredibly adorable, scruffy Terrier Mix who is sweet and affectionate. Shy at first, she warms up quickly, especially if treats are involved. It turns out Missy loves attention from her people and is so appreciative of the love and kisses you give her. She enjoys being held, being pet, cuddling on the couch, and once in a while will even find her way into your lap. Missy reciprocates your affection by giving some kisses of her own. Being less than a year old, Missy is very playful. Combine that with a terrier’s natural curiosity and you get an active dog that is happy to share all the adventures that life has to offer with her people. Missy rides well in the car, does fine on a leash, and loves to go on walks. She has a very cute habit of “walking herself” by walking with her leash in her mouth so she can feel like she is running the show. When she is being walked with other dogs, she’ll even take their leashes in her mouth so she can “walk them” as well. Missy likes just about any dog she’s ever met, giving kisses, engaging them in playtime and wrestling matches, and of course “walking” them. She would do best in a home with another canine brother or sister so she can watch and learn what it is like to be a happy dog and continue to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Missy is cautious of fast movements and loud noises so she will need a family that is willing to give her the time she needs to feel comfortable and to let her know she is safe. Missy is looking forward to the day she has a family to love and call her very own.

If interested in learning more about Missy, please fill out an application for her today at

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