The phrase “Gentle Giant” has never been more fitting than with sweet Kosmas. Yes, he weighs in at 111 pounds but he is such a mellow and gentle boy. Typical to the breed, Kosmas gets along with anyone and everything.

He is happy to be adored by all and Kosmas sure does draw a crowd wherever he goes. This big white boy is stunning to see and once you get closer and see his eyes, he’s got you hooked and you’ll be fawning all over him in a nano second.

While Kosmas is a super great dog, there are some things to consider before submitting an application for this special guy. You will need to have an SUV. Kosmas just won’t fit into a car. He’s tall and long so even a sedan would be a very tight fit for him.

If you have an issue with hair, the Great Pyrenees is not the breed for you. Regular grooming is a must for Kosmas (shaving is not recommended). You must have the ability to safely walk such a large dog.

While Kosmas is an excellent walker he still is a HUGE dog. If you are looking for a “Gentle Giant” of your own, you’ll find no greater one than the Kosmas.

If you’re selected to be his adopter, you will be one lucky family. He’s one of the best. To learn more, visit www.azrescue.org.

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