Rue doesn’t seem to give her heart to just anyone. Even though when you look into her eyes she gazes back at you as if to say, “Take me home and I will love you forever.” You can see the hope in her eyes. The desire to let her past go and live a happy and loving life without worry. Rue deserves a happy, loving and caring home of her very own. A home where she doesn’t have to worry about where her next meal is going to come from. A safe home where she doesn’t have to worry about getting bit by bugs or how to stay cool or warm. All these things might seem trivial, but these were very real concerns for Rue. She’s heard all about the great homes that the other RESCUE dogs have found. A comfy, soft dog bed of her own. A yard to romp in, grass to roll in, a spot to sun herself, daily walks, toys to play with, food and treats of her very own and a family that loves her and snuggles with her everyday. She dreams of this for herself and so do we.

If you have a home and a heart that you can give to Rue, please fill out an application for this spry gal at RESCUE’s website,

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