Annalisa is a beautiful 1-year-old Sharpei with great markings and a great personality. This charming, sweet, affectionate girl loves attention from people, big and small, and is very willing to trade kisses for kisses. Annalisa enjoys snuggling with or napping next to you. She knows basic commands such as sit and takes treats very gently from your hand. She can also drink water straight from a bottle. Show Annalisa a toy box and she’ll get right to work carrying each toy into a different area of the house. Annalisa likes to fetch tennis balls, play with rope toys, and gnaw on bones. One of her favorite games is playing with a running water hose — she’ll jump into the spray, chase the water, and after the water is shut off, she’ll paw at the hose trying to get the water to reappear.

Annalisa enjoys the companionship of other dog friends. She likes walks but has been known to interrupt them by plopping down in a shady, grassy spot where she can indulge in one of her favorite activities — rolling in the grass while simultaneously receiving belly rubs. Annalisa really seems to enjoy jogging as the pace seems to suit her better. She is a curious gal that enjoys being outside and smelling the fresh air — this could explain her love for car rides. She’ll sit quietly, constantly looking out the window to take in all of the sights, sounds, and smells. She is a spirited, well-mannered girl looking for a friend to cuddle and play with and to give her treats.

Annalisa will need a patient and energetic individual/family willing to provide her with the guidance, attention and affection she deserves so she can reach her full potential. In return, Annalisa will be a wonderful companion and provide lots of love, laughs, and kisses. If interested in Annalisa, fill out an application for her today at

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